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Episode 146 of Sailor Moon is a homage to Roman Holiday

THAT takes GENIUS!” Let’s Mock the Monsters: A favorite trope, used to greatest effect in this segment. He starts rattling off a Long List of flavors which leaves him out of breath

I would not be a good rescue bird person as I get too involved

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Quite often, these kinds of guys are mistaken for shy or

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It’s a great alternate to TV commercials which can be very

The series got moved to Friday nights in its second season and dropped after in favor of Firefly, causing some fan wars on the internet. The fact that Firefly was also dropped/mishandled

Keaton and Carter snuggling in her office during their affair

Black Dude Dies First: Vivo is the first of the mercenaries to get killed off. Keaton and Carter snuggling in her office during their affair (since she’s an attending and he’s an

Manhunter’s may come from Killer Moth

She looks like a ghostly silhouette with a tangible skeleton underneath. Ordinary Highschool Student: Anya, Siobhan and their classmates. Evidently, Emily wants very badly to be one. Panty Shot: Anya gets one

Attack Reflector: As per the franchise norm

Once she married and in some systems she could be married without her consent to any man, even if it were someone she despised or had never met her husband was understood

They were the Holy Cross Boys who had won football glory in

Was a master psychologist, Sheppard said. Could make his team or an individual player believe he could succeed with the turn of a phrase. Son, Bruce Shatel, the Delbarton ice hockey and

It’s possible that Gyldayn did know the fates of those

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In Pale Rider, a gang of toughs grabs some axe handles from

Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton), a lawyer, is abducted, beaten, slashed and left to die in Central Park. Yes, there is apparently a sub genre of miko themed eroge. Blinding Bangs: Ghadius’ eyes