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Buried Alive: An Indian fakir survives this for several hours

Halloween Episode: After Season 2, a Halloween special titled “Night of the Living Ill” was released. It doesn’t take place on Halloween, but still has the elements of one, including a zombie

Nonetheless, he tries to act like he’s fine and smiles to

With the hero’s extra smart horse Jolly Jumper, that’s about it for the recurring characters, since Lucky Luke’s wanderings took him to a different place each time. Nonetheless, he tries to act

You have earned the right to brag

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Broomstick Quarterstaff Darker and Edgier: Subverted somewhat

They got the opposite effect. The sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sensationally popular The Phantom of the Opera. Part of this is because she can’t hide anything from him anyway (due to

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Benevolent Monsters: While the Vikings know the dragons to be fearsome and dangerous, Hiccup slowly discovers that they’re actually not that bad. Bilingual Bonus: The omnipresent simlish is sprinkled with more or