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Needle in a Stack of Needles: The stelae used to anchor the

Logan also seems perfectly nice, if also a Dumb Jock. Masquerade Ball: The premium story for James is not only named this, but takes place during one. The Matchmaker: Zack immediately elects

Dysfunction Junction: They all have their issues

K ko’s very short but loyal assistant in her attempts to show the existence and dangers of monsters to the world. An Evil Corporation called Chronos, will go to any lengths, using

These colleges enjoy an enormous reputation in delivering the

City Noir: Shots of a city in heavy rain at night with men wearing long coats. Cluster F Bomb: There’s a reason the cast referred to the film as “Death of a

The stacking also works the other way

There are different teaching methods of each school. Although all the schools are there to teach you driving, they will teach in a different manner. You need to have a look at

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Taken for Granite: The Gorgon Haze floating through the halls

If they were at all interested in human rights they would be going after the worst first those who murder innocent civilians as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing or genocide.