A lot of people make certain mistakes while exercising without even knowing it. Many of those will completely stop your progress or even endanger your health. Here are the five most common mistakes people make when working out:

1.)Always having the same routine

If you keep doing the same exercises every time you work out, your muscles will get used to them and you will only stimulate certain ones over and over. At some point you will see no difference. You should learn 3 ai??i?? 5 more exercises for every group of muscles. Ask a professional for instructions when you go the gym.

2.) Your tempo is too fast

If you rush through exercising you will be using force instead of muscle strength. Consequently, you will not burn a lot of calories, and it will take longer for your muscles to strengthen.Ai?? It is also much easier to get injured while exercising too fast. You can take care of this by deciding to count to a certain number while exercising. Then you must take that number of seconds to complete an exercise. So one sit-up should take 6 seconds, for example. If you decide on number 6 you will not take shorter to complete it.

3.) Pushing yourself too hard too often

If you donai??i??t rest between exercises your progress will stop and you might even lose some stamina. You will also get tired faster. The time your body needs to rest is closely connected with how intensely youai??i??ve exercised. If you decide to push yourself while working out, you should not exercise more than twice a week. Pick easier exercises and pause for at least a day before working on the same group of muscles again.

4.) Lifting wrong weights

If they are too light there will be no progress. If they are too heavy, you risk getting injured. Pick weights heavy enough to make you tired by the last few lifts. If you feel like you could go on after youai??i??ve reached the number of lifts youai??i??ve decided on doing ai??i?? increase the weight slightly. If you increase it significantly, you will be able to lift the weight less times. That is acceptable as long as it still tires you.

5.) Using your neck to pull your body up while doing sit-ups

A lot of people jerk their neck in order to do sit-ups. That is the wrong way to do the exercise. It will not strengthen your abs, and it will only leave you with a sore neck. When you are on your back with your knees bent, make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Put your hands behind your head so your thumbs are behind your ears and keep your elbows in the same line with your hands. Make your abs contract while keeping your buttocks relaxed. Without pulling your neck, rise up, getting your shoulders off the ground. Your neck and hands should be relaxed. Wait for a few seconds before going back to the beginning position.