Has it ever happened to you that you are on a diet, yet suddenly stop losing weight? Maybe you tried eating even less, but with no improvement? Chances are that your metabolism was slowed down by your diet, and you became unable to lose any more weight, no matter what you tried. Donai??i??t worry; here are five quick and easy ways to improve your metabolism.

1.) The first golden rule is: you must always have breakfast. Just donai??i??t let your breakfast be a chocolate bar, or some greasy pastries from a nearby bakery. The breakfast you should eat includes proteins, carbohydrates, and some healthy fats. Have a tuna sandwich with brown bread, fry an egg using herb oil, or simply have some cereal with milk or yogurt. A good drink to accompany your breakfast would be either water or coffee. However, donai??i??t overdo it if you chose the latter, as it can also be harmful if abused.

2.) When it comes to lunch, you should eat a protein rich meal as it will make you feel full for a longer period of time and you will not feel the need for, often unhealthy, snacks. You could eat some chicken with vegetables, accompanied by Lenten cheese. Drink green tea. Just drinking it helps burn up to 50 calories a day, but do not add any sugar to it.

3.) Buy organic food, and incorporate more hot seasoning into your meals.

4.) When exercising in a gym, ask for advice. Donai??i??t go exhausting yourself on your own. Also, when you are lifting weights, try doing it more slowly. You will tire faster, but it will be more effective.

5.) Sleep regularly. 8 hours is widely known as the time needed for the body to rest completely, but that only applies to adults. Adolescents need additional 1.5 hours, which makes 9.5 hours in total. Keep that in mind.