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Quick Nutrition Doai??i??s and Donai??i??ts

Three or four hours should pass between each big meal. You can have snacks in between, but give your body at least three hours before having another large meal. Do not combine

Contemplating Starvation Diet? Think Again

So you really want to lose weight but donai??i??t want to bother exercising for months, and months, and months. So, a better way would be not eating for a few weeks. It

Food That Will Help You Cope With Stress

Every person knows how it feels to be stressed, at least to some extent, and around 20% of people in the world suffer from some sort of anxiety disorders. One of the

Five Things You Should Know When Starting to Work Out

Always warm up and stretch first This is extremely important. No matter how much you want to start playing that sport or lifting those weights right away, you must always stretch first.

Craving Food? Here Is What You Really Need

Everyone knows that feeling of strong craving for food. Most people would also agree that we usually crave unhealthy food. Here is a list of things your body really needs when you

Don’t Diet – Try These Advice Instead

The most common way to lose weight seems to be going on a diet, correct? However, most diets come with those discouraging rules such as: Count your calories! Skip meals! Don’t eat

Top 5 Most Nutritious Vegetables

Carrots Why? – Carots have lots of vitamis K and C -They have even more of vitamin A -They reduce risk of heart diseases -They protect your vision -A good source of

Making Healthy Sandwiches

Sandwiches are probably one of the most popular food. People eat them for breakfast and dinner, during lunch breaks and trips, when they need a quick snack, etc. The problem is that

5 steps to improving your metabolism

Has it ever happened to you that you are on a diet, yet suddenly stop losing weight? Maybe you tried eating even less, but with no improvement? Chances are that your metabolism

What has been the norm this season

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