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Struggling to Sleep?

Are you struggling to get to sleep at night? Maybe it is part of your diet! Try eliminating these items to see if these foods you are consuming are the culprits. 1.

Combating the Cold – Naturally

This week the office was hit with the cold and flu. With the Spring cold and flu season upon us and in full force, keeping your hands clean and avoiding other sick

Spring Harvest

Do you eat local or are you a seasonal eater? This refers to eating the fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the current season, making them nutrient rich and flavorful. With

Takeout Surprise

  How often do you get take-out? Did you know the average woman should be consuming 1500-1800 calories per day? Do you know the average Chinese take out calorie count? 1,500 calories

Canned Soups – Eat it or Leave it?

Are canned soups worth it? They might be an easy and portable lunch option, but are they really that healthy for you? Not Really… Watch Out: Sugar: Look at the sugar content

Make the Switch to Brown Rice

Is there a benefit to switching from white rice to brown rice?  You bet!   Just by switching to brown rice you can decrease your risk in diabetes by 16 percent. The natural

Sources of Iron – Necessary When Active!

Iron is not just a common form of metal, is one nutrient muscles need to thrive. Without enough iron, muscles are not able to recover quickly. The American College of Sports Medicine

Need Calcium Without Dairy?

Dairy is important for the growth of teeth, bone, nerve signaling, proper muscle contraction and the secretion of various enzymes and hormones. If you are deficient in calcium, it can lead to

The Down Low on Sugar Intake

  In the news and media lately there has been a great deal of discussion about the amount of sugar we consume and the amount we should limit our consumption to as

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer According to Science

  Not only is coffee a warm and aromatic drink, but it contains over 100 different health compounds shown to be beneficial! Multiple recent studies are showing that people who drink significant