So you really want to lose weight but donai??i??t want to bother exercising for months, and months, and months. So, a better way would be not eating for a few weeks. It should do the same thing, just faster, right?
No. It does not really work that way.

While your body reacts well to a small reduction in calories combined with physical activity, consuming too little can lead to a very negative effect. To put it simply, starvation is just a really bad idea. Here is why:

~ Once you suddenly start eating less than usual, your body will naturally burn less calories. The reason why this is harmful is because your metabolism will soon slow down significantly. Then once you decide that you have lost enough weight and start eating again your metabolism will not be able to take it and you will soon end up gaining a lot of weight. It is easy to conclude that you wouldnai??i??t want to torture your body for a while just to have all of your efforts wasted.

~ You would think that starvation would lead to loss of fat, but you would actually be losing muscle. Your body does not know that you are trying to turn into a supermodel over night. It actually thinks that you are in a very dangerous situation so it tries to preserve fat in order to save you from complete starvation. Losing muscle leads to an even slower metabolism, meanwhile you still have fat. It is needless to point out that you are probably trying to lose fat instead of just losing weight but being flabby.

~ Malnutrition can lead to stress and depression. You will constantly be craving food and convincing yourself that you donai??i??t need it will keep becoming more and more difficult. You will endAi?? up being constantly torn between your basic needs and the wish to be skinny. Then once you give up and go back to eating normally you will gain weight which will not have a good effect on your confidence.

To make the long story short: Starvation diets are neither healthy or effective and will only do you harm.