Running is always a good way to stay fit and healthy. It also does wonders when it comes to losing weight. If you are looking for a fun sport, and are interested in athletics, cross country is definitely worth your attention. Here are some first-hand information from a cross country coach, Michael Daws!

Tolivehealthy (TLH): Why did you decide to start coaching cross country?

Michael Daws (MD): When I was younger I ran cross country in high school. I was very small so my mom was afraid I would get broken in high contact sports. So I just enjoyed running because I knew I wasnai??i??t very big. Then I learned a lot about it. I ran in high school and college. I had great coaches myself so I wanted to coach as well.

TLH: Why would you recommend cross to people who are looking for a sport to train?

MD: I think itai??i??s something that most people can do. For people who would like to run itai??i??s better than track. You are running through different sceneries. I think that running with other people is fun and enjoyable but challenging as well. Itai??i??s a mentally tough sport, I think, for sure. Itai??i??s hard to go on, especially when you think you cannot go any further. It takes a lot of focus.

TLH: What are some benefits of cross country concerning health?

MD: A big one is just heart health, within reason. Certain distances are really god for keeping your heart healthy and reducing chances of arteries diseases. Itai??i??s one of the best cardio exercises. Itai??i??s just a general fitness workout for abs, legs. Itai??i??s good for staying fit in general, and it can help with losing weight.

TLH: Which age group would benefit the most from training cross country?

MD: I think itai??i??s good for most ages. It is good for older people who are keeping in shape, but itai??i??s also good for young people who are starting to get fit. I really think it is a god sport for people of all ages. I have seen people as old as 80 running road races.

TLH: What makes cross country more fun than other sports?

MD: I think it takes a really tough person to keep fighting. So I think the challenge is a big part of it. You can say you did something that not a lot of people can do. Wether itai??i??s a marathon or running up a mountain. Itai??i??s interesting as youai??i??re seeing some really cool places while doing it. Itai??i??s not always on the same track.

TLH: Do you have any last comments to people reading this?

MD: There is a correlation that I found when thinking about track and cross country. The people with most focus are long distance runners. People with most concentration can make it. Itai??i??s not just physically tough but mentally as well. Thatai??i??s what makes it better than other sports.