The most common way to lose weight seems to be going on a diet, correct? However, most diets come with those discouraging rules such as: Count your calories! Skip meals! Don’t eat any candy/fast/unhealthy food!
You might wonder what exactly is wrong with that. Let us start with the first rule:

”Count your calories!”
Actually, if you want to be counting anything, you should think of your nutrients. Because it really is not about calories, but about the amount of nutrients those calories contain. This is why many people who are on diets feel the intensive need to eat – they have limited the amount of consumed calories but have not satisfied the body’s need for nutrients. So here is what you need to eat every day:
Meats,dairy products, or beans – in order to get proteins.
Olive oil, nuts, or fish – in order to gain fats (do not worry, those are healthy fats).
Fruits, vegetables, or grains – in order to gain carbohydrates (again,a common misconception is that carbs are always unhealthy)

”Skip meals!”
This one is actually closely connected to the first one, as it is also a way of reducing consumed calories. However, if you eat more, you will gain less weight. In other words, having three big meals (breakfast,Ai?? lunch, dinner) and several small snacks between them is much healthier than skipping meals. Naturally, you should not spend your whole day eating, though. This only works if you eat smaller portions every two or three hours.

”Don’t eat any candy/fast/unhealthy food!”
This seems quite logical, actually – some food is unhealthy, therefore you should not eat it. Ever. On the other hand, if you make fast food forbidden, you will only want it more. There is no point in torturing yourself, especially if there is a way to incorporate unhealthy food into your meals without doing any damage.Ai?? The key is in eating very small amounts of it and mixing it with healthy food. In other words, you should not go to KFC and eat large fries with 15 crispy stripes. Instead, you can buy smaller fries and eat them with salad. You will only eat a small amount of fries, but you will not feel like you are free to eat whatever you want.