Every person knows how it feels to be stressed, at least to some extent, and around 20% of people in the world suffer from some sort of anxiety disorders. One of the factors that can help increase stress is food. Taking too little of it can weaken your immune system, and taking too much burden the body with extra weight. Consuming the right food can help significantly, though. So here are some types of food that can be used to relieve stress:

Tea ai??i?? It increases the levels of dopamine in your body, and therefore has a very calming effect.

Oranges ai??i?? This fruit is rich in vitamin C which helps relieve stress and anxiety. Even a small about of oranges should lighten your mood.

Meat, yogurt ai??i?? Both of those contain vitamin B12. Low levels of this vitamine cause fatigue and heart palpitations which are closely related to stress.

Chicken, muschooms
ai??i?? Help in producing energy. They contain Vitamin B3 which helps in reducing anxiety and depression.

Salmon ai??i?? Has the same vitamin as chicken and mushrooms. It is also rich in magnesium so it helps when it comes to both, physical and mental stress.