Sandwiches are probably one of the most popular food. People eat them for breakfast and dinner, during lunch breaks and trips, when they need a quick snack, etc. The problem is that sandwiches are often bought in places which use unhealthy ingredients. Making your own sandwich might take more time than simply buying one, but it saves some money and it also gives you a chance to be completely sure that what you are eating is healthy.
-The first step is to pick a healthy bread. You should make sure that you are buying either wholemeal breads, or rye breads. Breads made out of white flour might be the easiest to find but they are also the least healthy ones.

-You will also need some proteins. Use chicken, tuna, hard boiled eggs, and cheese. Avoid salami and ham.
-Fill your sandwich with vegetables, depending on your taste. Donai??i??t be afraid to be creative with vegetables. You do not always have to use the same old lettuce.
-Make your own sauce instead of using ketchup or mayonnaise. The internet is very helpful when it comes to finding useful and healthy recipes.
-In order to make your sandwich more fun you can add some oregano or even some chili pepper.

-Keep in mind the time you will take before eating your sandwich while making it. If you are going to leave it in your lunch bag for 6 hours, you might want to consider bringing separate ingredients and simply making the sandwich on the spot.

-You can also make sweet sandwiches, but try using primarily homemade jams and similar products.

Have a nice meal!