• Three or four hours should pass between each big meal. You can have snacks in between, but give your body at least three hours before having another large meal.
  • Do not combine proteins and carbohydrates, except for breakfast. In other words, you can eat meat and a salad, or potatoes and a salad, but having potatoes and meat in the same meal should be avoided.
  • Reduce the consumption of fast food, candy and soda. You do not have to completely exclude those from your diet, but be very moderate.
  • Never skip breakfast! Your body needs fuel in order to work properly for the rest of the day. You should eat even if you do not feel tired. Avoid just eating a piece of fruit or a candy bar, that will never be enough to compensate for hours of not eating due to sleeping. If you do not have a proper breakfast you will feel more tired during the day, and will have problems concentrating on your tasks.
  • Eat your last meal two hours before going to bed, and do not eat your dinner after nine. You should also avoid eating pizza or pasta in the evening.
  • Eat at a table, from a plate. If you eat in front of your computer/television, while standing up or out of a package you will end up eating much more than you normally would.

Following those advice should help you establish a balanced diet, and will also be extremely helpful if you are trying to lose weight. Just remember to combine them with physical activity.