Rowing is a sport that engages over 90% of body muscles. Even though it might look like you only need to use your arms to row, but you are actually engaging your back and leg muscles as well. Because of that, you can lose over 300 calories in about 30 minutes, which is really a lot compared to other exercises. Changes in appearance should also be visible sooner than after other workouts. The parts of your body that will undergo most pressure are your thighs, arms, abs, and back muscles. Rowing will also improve your stamina and strength.

This is a perfect sport for overweight people who have health problems connected to their weight, as it helps both the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Consequently, it is a good prevention against heart and lung diseases. It also helps with psychological problems such as anxiety and insomnia, and it is a good stress reliever.

With some effort, one could burn up to 800 calories in an hour, which is impossible to achieve through running, biking, swimming, or any other form of exercise. However, this needs very intensive training and a lot of commitment. It is crucial to warm up well before exercising. Posture and movement also need to be specific, because the result is different otherwise. The good news is that learning how to row is very easy, all you will probably need would be simple directions from someone who is familiar to it.

Donai??i??t worry if you donai??i??t like water, or if you donai??i??t have a boat. You can simply find a gym that has rowing machines. They are highly effective and work exactly the same as ai???realai??i?? rowing. If you are still cynical, it is important to note that professional rowers use those to prepare for competitions.

No matter whether you want to:
-lose weight
-become stronger
-improve your health
-be able to endure more physical work
rowing is a perfect choice, as it covers all of those areas.