Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced also for its health benefits. It seeks to unite body and mind in perfect harmony. Due to its slow and relaxing movement in practice, it is has become extremely popular in the last couple of decades.
In an exclusive interview for tolivehealthy.net, a Tai Chi instructor, Tatjana PerkoviAi??, will talk about this practice.

toliveheatlhy (TLH): Could you name some benefits of practicing Tai Chi?

Tatjana PerkoviAi?? (TP):Through a system of exercise, it develops an ability of the body to regenerate. Practicing Tai Chi Chuan also develops pliability of the body, regulates metabolism, leads to mental and emotional serenity. It is good for circulation, gland secretion, blood pressure, and it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, relieves stress, etc.

TLH: Who can practice Chi Chuan?

TP: Anyone who can climb up a stairs or swim. It is only important to practice with 70% of oneai??i??s ability. If that is done, stamina is steadily increased, and the state of body and mind is greatly improved.

TLH: There are many Tai Chi styles, which one is the easiest?

TP: The Beijing form, of the 24-posture Simplified Form. A series of postures established by the Chinese Sports Comittee in 1950ai??i??s. It is theform practiced by pretty much everyone. There are also more simple forms such as 8-posture form or 18-posture form.

TLH: How did you first get interested in Tai Chi?

TP: I have accidentaly encountered people who showed me how to practice Tai Chi. I was immediately drawn by the compsoition and harmony of movement. I knew that Tai Chi would be a discipline that I seriously devote myself to.

TLH: Are there any common misconceptions about this martial art?

TP: People often mistake Tai Chi Chuan with Yoga. Even though both systems of exercise improve health and lead to the harmony of body and mind, Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art. Every move, no matter how stylized it looked, has itai??i??s practical, martial use.