You work out every day, without even knowing it. Here are some everyday activities that you might have been avoiding but are actually really good for you:

Climbing up the stairs. Yes, you might want to stop using that elevator at some point. Climbing up the stairs is a great workout for your legs. You will work on both, getting more muscles, and your stamina. Of course, if you live on the 30th floor, you might want to climb half way up and use an elevator for the other half, but you definitely should use the stairs whenever you can.

Doing household chores. That is something everyone hates doing, but chores actually burn more calories than some workouts. Washing dishes for half an hour will burn you 160 calories, and scrubbing floors will help you get rid of additional 200. If you spend the same amount of time on washing your car, you will burn around 150 calories.

Walk to school/work, instead of taking a bus or a car. Naturally, this is only possible for some people. If you live within 2 or 3 kilometers from your work place you could have a walk. It benefiting for both, you and the environment. This would require leaving the house earlier than usual, but it really pays off.

Finally, if you hear your favourite cong come up on the television ai??i?? start dancing to it. Donai??i??t feel embarrassed, no one is watching. Just go crazy and have fun. For an even better effect, you could make a playlist and just dance for about 20 minutes. That is only about five songs, and you will burn a lot of calories.