Have you ever wanted to exercise in the morning but then never had the strength to leave your bed? here is a compromise between getting up earlier and exercising and not exercising at all – working out in bed. Those simple exercises will also help you wake up, and getting up will be easier after doing them!

Start of simply – by stretching.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees, your feet on the bed. Let both of your knees drop to either left or right. Then proceed to push the rest of your body to that side while not lifting any of your shoulders from the bed. Remain in that position for ten seconds. Repeat 10 times for each side.
Rotate your ankles, 10 times to each side. This will help your circulation.

Next, do leg lifts. Lie on your back, then raise each leg ten times. After you are done with that, turn to your said and, again, raise each leg 10 times.
Finally, lie on your back again, with your knees bent and

your feet firmly on the bed. Now tilt your pelvis upwards. try contracting the muscles in your buttocks as well. Remain in that position for a couple of seconds. repeat 10 times. this exercise will relieve tension from your back, and it is also good for you abs and pelvic floor.