Zumba is a combination of dance and aerobics created by Alberto Perez in the early 1990ai??i??s. In the last ten years, it has become extremely popular worldwide, mostly because it is very different than other types of exercise, and its resemblance to dancing.
A Zumba instructor, Denise Grunai will provide you with all of the information you need to know about this fun activity.

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Tolivehealthy (TLH): How did you hear about Zumba and why did you initially like it?

Denise Grunai (DG): I heard about zumba while I was still living in the US. It was pretty popular there back in 2004, and thatai??i??s when I was still teaching dance at a studio and they started having classes there. I took a few classes there and got pretty hooked on it.

TLH: Are there different types of it, and what are the differences?

DG: There is the basic zumba, then there is zumba toning which is about toning the muscles. You doAi?? squats, or use weights and other gym equipment. There is also zumba atomic, which is a program for children. Aqua zumba can be done in a pool.

TLH: Why exactly is Zumba healthy?

DG: Itai??i??s aerobic so people are getting their heart rate up for an extended period of time, and a lot of toning is also done. You are working out the muscles and boosting your heart rate.

TLH: In your opinion, why is Zumba better, or more fun than other types of exercise?

DG: It is more fun because itai??i??s just about moving, and it is a lot like dancing. It is basically done like a dance class so people can feel like theyai??i??re performing even though they are just exercising.

TLH: How would you define Zumba?

DG: Latin dance aerobics.

TLH: Any last comments to people who are reading this?

DG: I think people should try it out because itai??i??s fun. Everyone has their own preference of how they like working out, but try it. Iai??i??ve seen many people whose health improved and who got in shape using it. Also, check out zumba charities, so you get a chance to help people.